Why honeymoon in Lombok? Living Asia honeymoon Package

Lombok has the most romantic beaches

There are plenty of reasons why you should spend your honeymoon in Lombok Indonesia. First of all, Lombok has the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia and an incredible landscape. The green of the mountains and the jungle in the rainy season make your heart melt and the turquoise blue of the crystal clear water make you feel like dreaming. Every morning the ocean turns into a colorful pattern of local fishermen who return home from their night out fishing setting their pretty sails. During the night you can see their small lights on the ocean, like plenty of fireflies.

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It is not only that what makes Lombok so romantic and perfect for your honeymoon. On Setangi beach, the most stunning beach of Lombok, you can watch an astonishing sunset every night, turning the sky into purple and red. The sunset is very scenic behind Bali’s volcano Agung. The romantic location of the Living Asia Resort and Spa makes it to one of the best hotels in Lombok for your honeymoon. The serenity and privacy of the Living Asia Private Pool Villa are created to enjoy your intimate togetherness. With the Living Asia Lombok Honeymoon Package your love and happiness will be in good hands in your best interest.