Lombok – the pearl of Indonesia

Bali's more authentic little sister

Lombok in Indonesia is also called the little sister of Bali because it appears to be the Bali of a long time ago and lies just 25 minutes by plane East of Bali. “In Lombok you can see Bali but in Bali you can’t see Lombok” the people here use to say. And it is true: Bali’s neighbor island features the charm of Bali’s traditions and temples but seems to be still a virgin island due to its authenticity and originality whereas on Bali the tranquillity and uniqueness of Lombok is missing.

The best place for holiday in a pristine unspoilt nature

The “pearl of Indonesia” is characterized through astonishing nature, the friendliness of the local people and pristine and endless white sandy beaches. Lombok has something for everyone: Couples escape to the serenity of Lombok’s romantic landscape, families enjoy the endless beaches and cultural attractions, single travellers acquire a taste for Lombok’s friendliness and sense of hospitality and groups head to the several outdoor activities that Lombok has to offer.

Challenge yourself with a 2 day hike to the Mount Rinjani

The incomparable appearance of the volcano Rinjani with the surrounding rice fields make Lombok a sensational destination for trekking, climbing and cycling. The mount Rinjani is unique due to its lake in the crater that hosts another smaller volcano that is still active. The Rinjani is also the second highest volcano in Indonesia. But not only the volcano itself is fascinating: the mesmerizing surroundings, stretching from jungle to heath and rocks, and the view to Bali, Sumbawa and the Gili Islands, make this hiking trip unforgettable. The challenge of climbing the mount Rinjani takes around 2 days to the top and one day back. There are different entrances to the Rinjani national park and various options can be booked according to your wishes and fitness. The hiking season to climb the mount Rinjani is between April and September.

Enter the magical world of the Lombok Waterfalls

Each of the several waterfalls in Lombok is unique and worth visiting. Head to Senaru in the North of Lombok to enjoy the waterfalls Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile, the most famous waterfalls of Lombok. The Aik Berik village at the southern foothills of the Rinjani is the gateway to Lombok’s most beautiful waterfalls: Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu. The waterfall Benang Stokel on is one of the highest in Lombok and perfect for a natural neck and shoulder massage. The water comes directly from the Mount Rinjani and is therefore clean, cool and fresh. The pool underneath it is ideal for a refreshing swim. A few kilometers further is the Benang Kelambu waterfall that flows through a curtain of plants which is were its name comes from. It is said that once a princess of Lombok came to that waterfall on her horse to recover. Since then the Benang Kelambu waterfall is famous for its healing power. Take a dip by yourself and feel the magic of this beautiful place on earth. The tour to the waterfalls can be a bit challenging but the environment compensates for the effort: banana and jackfruit trees, coffee and cacao beans, the spectacular mahogany forest and hauntingly beautiful orchids make the nature here a celebration for your senses. Listen to the sound of exotic birds and catch a glimpse of black macaque monkeys hiding in the treetops.

Embrace the rich and diverse cultures of Lombok

Lombok’s cultures and traditions are quite diverse and are influenced by Islamic, Hindu and animistic elements. To see some traditional weavings head to Sukara and Pringgasela village where the weaving technics are delivered since generations. Beautiful pottery can be admired in Banyumulek village. The traditional way of live and housing of the Sasak people can be observed in Segenter village in the North and in Sade village in the South of Lombok. The oldest mosque of Lombok is located in Bayan in the North of Lombok, where the visitors can learn about the history of Islam in Lombok. The historical and cultural museum of Lombok can be found in the capital of Lombok: Mataram. In the harbor of Teluk Kodek one can see some of the famous Lombok pearl farms. The prettiest Hindu-Temple, Batu Bolong, lies on the main street just a few minutes South of Senggigi Beach directly on the beach. Take a tour and visit the famous Narmada Temple and Lingsar Temple. Also keep an eye on Lombok’s festival calendar. The annually Bau Nyale, the so called worm festival, takes place every year in March in the Kuta Lombok. Don’t miss out the Senggigi Festival in July with music, costumes and cultural parades. Traditional Sasak weddings can happen every day on the streets of Lombok and are definitely an eye-catcher: Colorful costumes, drums and dancing people. Don’t miss that.

Travel to the remote beaches of South of Lombok

South of Lombok: The beaches in the South of Lombok are so pretty and bright that you might think you are in paradise. But not only sun seekers, surfers from all over the world love to catch up the waves over there. The area is still very remote what makes it even more exciting for exploration. Kuta Lombok should not be mistaken for Kuta Bali, since in Kuta Lombok there are only a handful of restaurants and accommodations and the relaxed atmosphere is addicting.

Best hotel accommodation in Lombok Indonesia, Senggigi beach

It is said that the West coast of Lombok has one of the best beaches in Indonesia. That is why the best hotel accommodations in Lombok Indonesia are on the western coastline from Senggigi beach up to the North. So if you are looking where to stay in Lombok for your holiday, it is the best to look for a resort that is located on one of the endless beaches on the west coast of Lombok. From Senggigi Beach up the way to the North of Lombok you can find the best hotel and holiday resort of Lombok Indonesia: The Living Asia Resort and Spa Lombok.

Come and see for yourself… The team of the Living Asia Resort and Spa is more than happy to make your stay in Lombok to your best holiday ever.