Your Diving center at Living Asia Resort & Spa Lombok

Visualize your perfect dream. Wouldn’t it be in or at the ocean?

Take your chance and plunge into the crystal clear waters on Lombok’s pristine beaches. Swim and dive with the sea turtles around the famous Gili islands. Find yourself surrounded by visionary colors of Sekotong’s reefs and watch out for the countless nudibranchs and marvellous seahorses. Observe incredible creatures in the bay of Malimbu. Soak up the blue of the endless ocean with a fun dive or learn diving in a perfect environment with our partner dive shop DSM Dive Lombok & Gili Trawangan, located in the Living Asia Resort and Spa.

DSM Dive is the resort's onsite diving school

Explore the Gili Islands and Gili Trawangan directly from the resort

DSM Dive offers daily dive trips around the Gili islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air), Sekotong in the Southwest of Lombok and Malimbu on the West coast of Lombok.

If you are not a scuba-diver yet, take advantage of starting your first diving experience in the beginner friendly environment of the Gili islands: Water temperatures of 27-30 C°, visibilities between 25-30 meters and a turtle-guaranty with each dive. The 16 dive sites around the Gili islands are so diverse as to challenge every level of diver: from beginner to the ones who want to go pro and become professional. Beautiful macro-stuff, reef sharks, eagle rays or humphead parrotfishes, just to name a few, make diving around the Gili Islands a wonderful experience.

For experienced divers, DSM Dive offers private trips with their speedboat to Sekotong in the Southwest of Lombok, where the reef is still 98% intact and where the paradise of nudibranchs and pigmea seahorses take your breath away. Malimbu beach, just a few minutes further north of the Living Asia Resort, is the gate for mug diving and plenty of frogfishes.

Experience the thrills of fluo night diving

The real adventure awaits you during night time when some of the fishes wake up to hunt for food or to partner up with the love of their life. For fans of night diving DSM Dive offers Fluo-night-diving: Equipped with a special UV-lamp and a special filter on the mask, fluo-diving is the ultimate “Avatar”-experience. With the fluorescence light, the whole underwater world turns into colors that you would never imagine: pink, yellow, purple, green, orange and red.

Dive Sites around the Gili Islands

The majority of the 16 sites around the Gili islands are adapted for all divers, but some require a certification Open Water or Advanced Open Water.


Courses at DSM Diving center, Lombok

PADI Dive Courses:

For more information about the diving and courses, please visit DSM DIVE Lombok & Gili Trawangan