Malaka Restaurant and Beach Bar in Lombok

Lombok is also called “the Island of the Chili”, named after its own chili “Cabe Taliwang” that gives the flavor to the famous dish “Chicken Taliwang”. Fresh chilis are the main ingredient for sambal, the typical and spicy Lombok sauce. On Lombok, there are plenty of tasty seasonings and choice viands to delight your palate: a dream for your taste buds.

Give your holiday a taste of Indonesia

You will be enchanted by the Malaka Restaurant on the Lombok beach front of the Living Asia Resort and Spa serving traditional and international cuisine. Carefully crafted Asian and fusion cuisine, using the freshest local and organic ingredients and completed by an excellent selection of international wines define the flavors of the Malaka Restaurant. The unique Living Asia holiday resort breakfast buffet will fulfil your desires for a wonderful start to your day on Lombok.

Enjoy sweet treats on a romantic beach

Beside our events, the à la carte menu is available as well as the daily chef recommendation to be a real treat for you and your loved ones. For desserts, the excellent Living Asia Executive Chef creates delicacies for your pleasure in this pearl of holiday resort on Lombok.

For honeymooners and lovers, a romantic dinner can be set up right on the beach to make your stay at the Living Asia romantic and unique.

Malaka beach bar and lounge

Cocktails, inspired by Lombok’s stunning sunset, are served in the Living Asia beach bar every night.

Watch the sunset behind Bali’s volcano Agung

The atmospheric ambience in this resort is created by its location on Lombok’s most pristine beach. The Malaka restaurant and beach bar, situated on that beach fit into the environment with their pure and elegant design. Every evening, the guests of the Living Asia Resort gather together in the restaurant and beach bar to observe Lombok’s astonishing sunset behind Bali’s volcano Mount Agung. Take part in that spectacle by yourself and be carried away by the beauty of Lombok’s nature and unique flavor.