Living Asia Resort & Spa Lombok, Setangi Beach

Situated in a coconut grove and facing the Bali volcano Mount Agung, the Living Asia Resort & Spa Lombok nestles on the edge of one of west Lombok’s longest, widest and most beautiful natural sandy beaches : Setangi beach, 10 minutes from Senggigi beach.

A room with a view

Gaze past Setangi beach, over the Lombok Straits to Bali beyond

Contemporary and chic, the Living Asia Holiday Resort in Lombok has been built around the concept of “Feeling Asia”. The modern architecture, high ceilings, luxurious gardens, natural forms and traditional Lombok building materials come together perfectly and melt into the sublime natural décor of this little slice of heaven on the Island’s West Coast. The hotel rooms have wonderful views over the crystal-clear waters of the Lombok Straits and Bali beyond….

The sound of nature 

Listen to the waves lapping the beach and the gentle hush of the wind in the palm trees

The Living Asia Resort and Spa emphasizes tranquillity. It is the ocean that will waft its play of the waves and the windbells in the palm trees around you. Follow the nature’s orchestra composing a song for you, and expressive dancers performing to traditional music. Listen to the sound of silence and freedom. That is the sound of Lombok. That is your perfect moment.